Amir Sulaiman: Dead Man Walking

This is one of the most inspiring and passionate poems I’ve heard. I’m conflicted about the militant element to this poem, because deep in my heart I believe that there can be a peaceful solution to the ominous march of war, but there is so much truth and insight in these words. Anyone who has ever been on a peace march is aware of the truth in his words that those politicians in the west who speak of freedom do so behind the barrel of a gun that continually fires. How can it be that so many innocent people have to die to preserve freedom? How can that be right? Using technology to dominate those in far off countries because they have resources that we desire?

I believe that organised religion has caused much suffering in this world, yet there are tenets of belief, of devotion to ethics and morals that create the conditions for close community and Islam, like Christianity and Judaism, when it is practised with pure intent, can create individuals of high moral standing. But without that purity, those same religions can lead men and women to commit terrible acts that debase humanity every bit as much as if there had been no moral code to defile in the first place.

Amir Sulaiman comes across to me as someone with a deep sense of honour and integrity, a man with a fierce vision, lyrical mastery and a strength and courage borne of moral certitude. I expect I would disagree with him on many points of ethics and morality. But I do not doubt that we share a thirst for spiritual truth and it calls to mind the Sufi poet Rumi‘s famous saying:

“Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

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