Love poem

Love is this and that. Pain and bliss both melt in the heart of the divine undifferentiated. Love holds both and embraces judgement also with a knowing smile. All embracing, heart breaking and breaking open again and again. Exquisite pain, sensation divine wise teacher of creation pregnant with love’s child awaiting discovery in form. Egoless? Not only but also. Bold Love encompasses the multilayered multdirectional nothingness and sings to be heard and shines to be seen, giving birth to ego, sweet and terrible child of love… Ha! Laughter at the ridiculousness and sublime majesty of words words words. Love dancing singing within each syllable even in silence, blind, mute, Love is alive. Dark or light, before or after, now and forever, love needs not assurance but is assurance personified and pervades all fabric of beingness and nothingness, irresistibly embraces even that which separates itself. We are together eternally even when we are not. Can you feel the ominous buzz of becoming? How soon is now? For-giveness is the heart of love. I give you mine, a mischievous rhyme sublime embrace until next time.

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