Permaculture Picturehouse presents: Why vote in the election?

occupy-londonThe Permaculture Picturehouse, which promotes pioneering ecological ways of living, hosts a monthly event at Passing Clouds in Dalston, a venue that has been at the heart of grassroots activism, arts and culture for over 10 years. I’ll be hosting a political edition on May 5, two days before the UK general election, details TBA. We’ll be showing political film clips, hearing from guest speakers and encouraging those present to get their personal view across about whether the electoral process affords the public any real influence in the political process and what the alternatives might look like. What is the state of democracy in this country? What can the major parties do to stand up to increasing corporate power at the expense of the people? How effective can a mainstream media that is so dependent on corporate advertising be in holding the powerful to account? Are radical solutions, including mass civil disobedience, necessary to overcome the influence of financial capital? As it’s a permaculture event, we’ll look at the recent publicity the Green party have had and asking whether they can be an effective alternative. How can ecological and social concerns be communicated in more engaging ways in the face of a cynical media and tyrannical regimes? What can be done to face the real world problems on a local, national and international level, including tackling problems of violence, trafficking, ideological resource wars, and sudden ecological crises. Anyone who would like to get involved, suggest ideas or simply attend, do let me know.
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