I’m a Londoner by birth, Italian by heritage, and now live in Glastonbury. I worked as a freelance journalist at the Times and Guardian, between 1999 and 2013.

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  1. Dear Giulio I came across your site as a result of reading your enlightened comments on the Observer website (leader on climate change). You sounded like the voice of reason. I thought you might be interested in what we are doing in Scotland. I’m the series editor for a series of short books. The series’ starting point is that life as we know it is not sustainable (environmentally, economically or morally) and not not even leading to good well-being.
    I wanted to email just to say that there are kindred spirits out there who, like you, are trying to take a broad perspective on many of the big issues of our times.

    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your kind words and for the link to your website and the work you are doing. I hope to read it in greater detail in the coming days and hope to write a piece on ecology which is long overdue.

      For now, all the best


  2. Thanks for your commentary on the K’s Xmas card in the Guardian. Such a funny thing to spur such a great conversation. Never heard of Charles Eisenstein before last night, and then watched a bunch of his stuff on line. My life partner and I are in the process of starting a farm in upstate NY with just these values in mind — and I was thinking about Wendell Berry as I opened the ePub of CE’s latest book…and the random chapter I opened it to started with a quote of his. Just wonderful. While there may be great struggles ahead, the meaning of it is becoming clearer. And, you are welcome to come visit us. Ah, if you get a chance to see the movie _The Unforseen_ please do! Have a wonderful holiday season.

    • Thanks for your message. So good to hear how these little coincidences can work. Totally in keeping with CE’s book. Good luck in your venture upstate. I’ve never been to the US, but New York has always been a dream of mine to visit. One day maybe. Thanks for the invitation. Will now have to look up Wendell Berry 🙂 Happy holidays, Giulio

  3. Hi Giulio, Just thought that after one or two contributions on Cif in the Guardian that I’d say hello on here – a very impressive and eclectic site indeed, I’ll spend more time reading the contributions. Best wishes, Chris Ormondroyd (macfeegal).

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